Harnessing the Power of Generative AI: LinkedIn Introduces Automated Post Writing

Generative AI is rapidly gaining popularity across the internet, and now LinkedIn is joining the movement by introducing it to their platform.

 Keren Baruch, LinkedIn’s product director, has presented a solution to the formidable task of composing impactful posts on the platform, particularly for inexperienced users. With the aim of tackling this challenge head-on, LinkedIn is integrating generative AI into the process of post creation, offering users a swifter and more efficient alternative in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

To utilize this innovative feature, users are required to provide a minimum of 30 words outlining the core message they intend to convey in their posts. Drawing upon this input, the generative AI generates drafts that can be reviewed, edited, or directly published. Keren Baruch noted that the feature is presently undergoing testing and will eventually be accessible to all LinkedIn users.

However, the introduction of this feature has sparked significant opposition within the LinkedIn community. Numerous individuals argue that it compromises the authenticity of posts on the platform. Concerns have been raised that the utilization of generative AI may transform LinkedIn interactions into mere exchanges between chatbots, detracting from genuine human connections.

LinkedIn’s newly implemented generative AI feature poses a delicate balance between efficiency and authenticity. While this advancement undoubtedly offers a streamlined approach to content creation, it is crucial to acknowledge the concerns surrounding the potential erosion of genuine engagement.

As the feature progresses through its testing phase, it becomes imperative for LinkedIn to actively address user apprehensions and ensure that the incorporation of generative AI remains aligned with the platform’s overarching objectives.


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