Twitter Restricts TweetDeck Access to Verified Users Only Starting in 30 Days

Following a series of issues that prevented numerous users from accessing certain features of TweetDeck in recent days, Twitter commenced the rollout of a new version of the web application on Monday. Additionally, the company announced that within 30 days, users will need to be verified in order to use TweetDeck. As a result, only Twitter Blue subscribers, verified organizations, and individuals who have received verification from Twitter will have access to the platform.

Twitter assured users that all saved searches and workflows from the previous version of TweetDeck will be transferred to the new version. The company also stated that users transitioning to the new version will have the option to import their existing columns.

As part of the update, Twitter is introducing enhanced functionalities to TweetDeck, including full composer capabilities, Spaces, video docking, and polls. However, Teams functionality will be temporarily unavailable.

Essentially, Twitter is providing users with a 30-day trial period to test the new TweetDeck before deciding whether to subscribe to Twitter Blue.

During the recent period of service disruption, many users noted that TweetDeck is widely used by social media managers and brands. With the impending transition to a paid product within the next month, these users may explore alternative platforms that offer a more comprehensive range of features.

Twitter has been conducting tests on a new version of TweetDeck for several years and is now rolling it out globally under the management of its new leadership.

In a TweetDeck Twitter community, a Twitter employee explained that the removal of legacy APIs was necessary to prevent scraping, which inadvertently affected the functionality of the web app.

Over the weekend, Elon Musk implemented limits on the number of tweets that users could read, restricting non-verified users to 1,000 tweets per day and verified users to 10,000 tweets per day.