WhatsApp Unveils Enhanced Video Sharing Capability with High-Quality Option

WhatsApp, the widely popular messaging app, introduces a new feature that enables users to send high-quality videos and enhanced profile icons within group chats.

According to Wabetainfo, a platform that closely monitors WhatsApp’s developments, the app has released a new update through the Test Flight Beta Program, bringing the version up to

Currently, the new feature is available to some beta testers. It appears as an HD option when users select a video from their Photos app.

This new functionality maintains the original dimensions of the video while slightly compressing it. Consequently, users cannot share videos in their exact original quality, but it is assumed that the overall quality is improved with this option.

When users share a video using the high-quality option, the recipient will receive a notification.

However, it’s important to note that the new feature is not applicable when sharing videos through status updates.


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