Threads, Instagram’s answer to Twitter, set to launch on July 6th

Instagram’s anticipated rival to Twitter has just been released on the iOS App Store in the United States. Going by the name Threads, the app is projected to debut on July 6, according to App Store data.

This is an opportune moment for Instagram to enter the competitive landscape, especially as Twitter recently faced setbacks with rate-limit errors, leading to significant growth for alternative platforms like Spill, Bluesky, and Post. However, Threads may have an advantage as it seamlessly transfers over users’ Instagram followers and following lists. Rather than starting from scratch, Threads users will have their existing Instagram communities readily available.

According to the App Store description, Threads serves as a gathering place for communities to engage in discussions ranging from current interests to upcoming trends. Users can follow and directly connect with their favorite creators and like-minded individuals, or even cultivate a loyal following to share their own ideas, opinions, and creativity with the world.

While Threads maintains a close connection to Instagram, it functions as an independent app. Limited information is available from the App Store listing, but it appears that users can like, comment, repost, and share posts. The provided screenshots showcase the ability to choose the desired audience for post replies, including everyone, people you follow, or only those mentioned in the post.

The introduction of Threads does not come as a surprise, as details have been gradually leaking in recent months. According to Money Control, an Instagram spokesperson described Threads as “decentralized.” Additionally, leaked slides from a briefing with top creators revealed Meta’s assertion that Threads would be compatible with Mastodon, a decentralized network based on ActivityPub. However, considering that Instagram itself is a highly centralized app, the implications of this rumor remain unclear. Nevertheless, the information presented in the App Store listing aligns with the details from the leaked slides.

Meta’s subsidiary apps have not always achieved success. Over the past few years, they have discontinued products such as the anonymous teen app tbh, the Cameo-like app Super, the Nextdoor-inspired Neighborhoods, the couples app Tuned, the student-focused social network Campus, the video dating service Sparked, and more. However, Threads arrives at a strategic time to take advantage of Twitter’s frequent mishaps. Ultimately, it will be up to consumers to determine whether they want Meta to extend its influence over yet another aspect of their social media experience.


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